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Discover Metal Spinning has been serving industry for more than 35 years and have earned a reputation as a reliable, cost effective metal spinning source. Our focus is on providing our customers with quality metal spun products with on time delivery, innovation solutions, flexibility, and the highest of standards. We work only to specifications provided by our customers. Since we choose to have no Discover labeled production, our only work is service to our customers.

Our metal forming capability and cost to our customer surpasses most of our competition since all production tooling is designed and fabricated within our own facility.

Product quality always meets, or exceeds, our customer requirements. This is evident, in that more than 60% of our business is repeat items or new items from old, established customers.

Cost, schedule and "on time" delivery are major considerations.

We are committed to quality and strive for continuous improvement in both the acquisition of production equipment and the honing of worker skills.

In the event that the customer request is unclear regarding production of his product, our engineering staff will offer suggestions to lower costs, meet schedules an develop a superior product.


"Spinning"is a forming process for the production of rotationally symmetrical hollow shapes. The starting blank is a sheet metal disc or a tube. Normally, there is no deliberate change in wall thickness during the forming process. continued >>

A blank or preformed product is clamped against the spinning chuck by the tail stock mounted pressure pad. The main spindle starts to rotate and the blank is driven by frictional contact. The spinning roller in planes X-Z by a 2 axis compound slide that progressively forms the blank until the metal lies on the spinning chuck. One or more roller passes are made along the contour of the workpiece to lay it tightly on the spinning chuck. In the same set-up, it is possible to carry out a variety of secondary operations. For example, the edge of the part may be first turned and then beaded, the edge may be trimmed or the base parted off. In this way, items can be made such as tank ends, reflectors, wheel rims, gas bottles, brake cylinders, flow control venturies and many household articles.

Materials that can be spun are lightweight and regular guage steel as well as plate, non alloyed carbon steels, heat resistant and stainless steels, non-ferrous and heavy metals and light alloys.

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